Rivers (Nowa Huta Remix)

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Nowa Huta are an East London duo who decided to make music whilst walking through the streets of the Krakow city from which they take their name. Inspired by the idea of emotional memory tied to landscape, as well as the production styles of Burial,The-Dream & contemporary rap in general, they self-released an embryonic eponymous EP in 2010; and then a trio of songs in 2011 called "RealGoldCity1_2_3", based on childhood memories of neo-noir 80's film "Trouble In Mind".

"There’s not a lot of info about Nowa Huta, except that they are a London-based duo on Tri Angle Records, a new label specializing in dark and weird new dance music. Like labelmates Balam Acab ( read more here), Nowa Huta’s music sounds homemade, but they have their roots in dub and house, a twist that separates them from the bands who’ve been making fuzzed-out rock songs in garages (GarageBand) the last couple of years. Instead they cobble together home electronics and it all sounds like it as recorded in/inspired by living in a dark cave. Works for us!" The Fader

"They’ve done intensely amazing things with tracks by Pink Priest, Porcelain Raft and These New Puritans — and if newer songs “Flooded Soul” and “4Cher” are any indication, their original stuff is seconds away from serious next level. Slick with the enormity of Holy Other, melodies as weightless as they are deadly; Nowa Huta have the atmosphere of conflict and imbalance down to a science." Mishka NYC


from Rivers (At Dusk Remixed EP), released April 25, 2013



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"The music of producer/songwriter Bruno Miguel mixes the electronic and the organic in a way that’s intimate and intricate." MTV


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