'Lylac' is :PAPERCUTZ's debut album. Its a concept work that follows an individual coming to terms with his impending adulthood.

The bedroom electronica album is filled with naif, glitchy dreamlike melodies, soundtracking child remembrances, on top of micro sampled acoustic instruments, computer physical modelling synthesisers and closed space reverbs all lead by intimate female vocals.


"On his debut full-length release Lylac, Bruno Miguel (aka :papercutz) creates an arrestingly original experimental pop style by marrying glitch-laden electronics and funky beat programming to soaring vocal melodies evocative of the producer's native Portugal and acoustic instrumentation (piano, strings, xylophone, melodica). The resultant songs are densely packed with micro-sound detail and texture but not so excessively that they collapse under their collective weight....augmented by acoustic guitar shadings, lush female vocals float dreamily over intricate arrangements of tight beat patterns throughout Lylac's forty-seven minutes." Textura

"Bruno Miguel has created a work which doesn't show off with its diversity but instead presents a whole new vision of what antiquated terms like „Pop“, „Electronica“ and „Contemporary Composition“ might mean in the 21st century. It might be a good idea to ask for other people' s advice at times. But in this case, the best recommendations for Miguel about the future direction of :papercutz is probably to follow his own instincts." Tokafi (Album of the month)

"A bewitching album that invites you on a fascinating trip into the world folk experimental pop music. One of the best releases in 2008! 10**** Cuemix-magazine

"Clinically cool ‘Lylac’ is the eventual debut album from Bruno Miguel’s: Papercutz. A mix of woozy soundscapes and ambient beats, ‘Lylac’ bridges the gap between the inhuman To Rococo Rot and Radiohead’s masterful ‘Kid A’; blending the inhuman with heart aching beauty, creating a record that’s both chilling and joyous at the same time." Subba Cultcha (4/5)

"‘Lylac’ by Bruno Miguel’s :papercutz project is one of the most extraordinary albums I have heard all year." Echoes And Dust (Top 40 best of the year)

"It’s an LP specialising in a vibrant and emotional blend of electronica, glitch and synth-pop, one that provides the kind of understated intensity perfect for late night introspection." Experimusic

"Lylac is quite an accomplished form, it’s balance between acoustic and electronic approaches is seamless and invisible, vocal presence is foregrounded and yet not dominant, clarity of intonation of the piano, xylophone and melodicia display the technical achievements. Lovers of glitch electronicia, acoustic jazz fusion and classical ambience will be amply rewarded by the sophisticated simplicity of this album." Cyclicdefrost

"Lylac is ultimately a promising start to what ought to be a brilliant career." The Silent Ballet

"From digitally manipulated recordings of organic instruments, to organic interpretations of abstract digitalism…I’ve always thought of our five senses as just receptors of various communication protocols through which we all attempt to send or receive a message. On Lylac, Miguel does just that. He fans out the confetti of his shredded thoughts into our ears where they circle, float, and finally settle to cover the empty spaces occupied by silence." Headphone Comute

"...elegantly crafted in a pop sense where glitch based idm meets acoustic rhythms and vocals." Emerging Sounds

"Um disco como este não merece ser exclusivo de meia-dúzia de privilegiados. Está aqui um tesouro a descobrir urgentemente." David Pinheiro 4/5 (Diário de Notícias/Disco Digital)

"O que é isto? Nova pop ambiental? Pop electrônica de câmara? A estética indie lo-fi dos anos 90 redefinida via maquinaria digital e ciência sampladélica? A resposta é previsível mas verdadeira: é tudo isso e nada disso ao mesmo tempo. É também algo mais raro do que se pensa, no que à Arte diz respeito: um acidente feliz. Porquê? Simples: por uma vez esse cliché mal contado da "falta de pretensões" constitui-se como efectiva força motriz de recomendáveis resultados finais." RR 4/5 (Blitz)

"...será elementar confirmar aqui a ascensão da pop lusa a um estádio de maturidade decorrente do sábio cruzamento de referências da produção exterior e dos impulsos criativos de um mundo interior." Ricardo Saló Expresso / Recomendado em Câmara Clara (RTP)

"No meio de tanta edição de musica, é bem agradável conhecer projectos que são muito mais do que isso, com :papercutz a ideia de a musica não se esgota nela própria, há uma transfusão de concepções e percepções entre o autor e o ouvinte, e quando assim é todos nós ganhamos. P.S. – Uma palavra especial ao soberbo art-work do CD. Lindíssimo." Penso Sonoro

"Apesar da abertura de horizontes (e geografias) propostos pelas remisturas assinadas por nomes como Neotropic, Spandex, Signer e The Sight Below, é na canção original que mora o instante mais interessante deste single. Uma canção feita de pormenores, de acontecimentos breves, de pequenos silêncios entre notas tocadas. Um reencontro interessante das electrónicas made in Portugal com vozes cantadas em português, num diálogo que garante um bom efeito de cartão de visita." Nuno Galopim

"Sometimes you get albums like this, filled with melodies, rhythms and vocals, that uplifts, inspires and somehow restores a little faith that music can still surprise you and still give you something new. Sweet, soothing and intoxicating... and now I'm starting to run out of descriptives! Buy it and see what I mean for yourself." Kate Turgoose (10/10) (Connexion Bizarre)

"Schöner intensiver Pop fernab der Massenware!" Feindesland Music Mag

"This is the debut :Papercutz album, a delicately glowing album – dreamstates, delicate left-field electronica, clever rhythm patterns, touches of intricate post-rock (the adventurous side), quiet considered beauty, pop sensibilities, brightness…" Organ Magazine

Echoes And Dust , Records Of The Year 2009


released October 1, 2008

Ⓟ :PAPERCUTZ under license to Apegenine Recordings (APG007)

Published by Rossio Music.

Lyrics and performance – Bruno Miguel
Vocals, Backing Vocals – Melissa Veras and Bruno Miguel
Artwork – Júlio Dolbeth
Album Design – Susana Maia (my.little.lie)
Mastered By – Nathan James, at the Vault Mastering NY


all rights reserved




"The music of producer/songwriter Bruno Miguel mixes the electronic and the organic in a way that’s intimate and intricate." MTV

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Track Name: All We Have Left

"Words praise the day that has yet to become
The gift of today, forgotten as young.

So as seasons change, LIFE won't always be the same
But I seize this moment through the whispers of what's left behind...

So as seasons change through the whispers of what's left behind...I seize this time.

I still hear you say :

'The past is gone, the future is a long way to go,
the present is all we have left....'"
Track Name: A Secret Search

Grew forgotten in a maze of hyped senses.
White fences and subversive dreams.
Now i'm searching for a ghost,
the one that comes and goes.

(We see a face like any other face, the city itself becomes an abstract place.
Where i can isolate myself in the emptiness of blurred images, where all faces merge into one where all spaces form one big void.)

Still i haven't found you.
But you're the one that knows me best.
This human bound is all I have left.

My nature of obsession.
keeps me in a parallel world,
outside, your face I seek in the (anonymous) crowd.

I seek for a state of balance.
For some piece of mind.
In your secret ways of bliss I'll hide

...but still i haven't found you.
Track Name: Lylac

"We're lost on an artificial light;
a white that blinds our human forms.
Take me away; from this moment on we’ll be as one.

But wait…I seem to recognize you.
Your face reminds me of youth.
Lifetime of changes taking place,
…taking place.

We're all spinning round,
letting it all go now, has never been easier.

On an artificial light, I seem to recognize you.
Take me away; from this moment on we’ll be as one.

I seem to recognize you.
Your face reminds me of youth.
Lifetime of changes taking place,
Taking place.

We're all spinning round,
letting it all go now, has never been easier.

(It's the change of seasons...the tree of life)"
Track Name: A Way To emErge

"I've been gazing the sky from down here,
through this tainted water time seems to stands still…
as ripples of someone going by, leave me to silence.

I reach for the surface,
I’m reborn in liquid grace...from a broken place.

Coming up I see white, blue, red, green…
all thrown at me…this big empty!

I wonder if tomorrow I’ll make it up on my own,
from deep under.

I reach for the surface,
I’m reborn in liquid grace...from a broken place.

As pictures of everything, running through…how I see myself.
As ripples of someone going by, leaving me to silence.

I wonder if tomorrow I’ll make it up on my own,
from deep under.

Coming up I see white, blue, red, green…
all thrown at me…this big empty!"
Track Name: Do Outro Lado Do Espelho

"O tempo parou, deste lado do eu.
O seu estado instável, deixava-me frágil.
...até agora.

Lá fora, o (homem-)medo reina em cada canto.
Por encanto, aqui sinto-me Alice no mundo da fantasia.

Ode à Inocência... aqui... lembro-me de tudo o que fazia... um mundo de fantasia!

(Pensava que sim, que era o que eu queria)

Será que era tudo o que eu queria ?"
Track Name: The Gift Of Self

"(You're a ) Runaway, keep away from your garden
That fire inside, it keeps you running outside
and won't burnt out soon.

Scarecrow, you look just like a man.
But you're still a child inside, risin up to the stars

(He says) :
'You chase misguidind lies
Your gift of self i decline
Yet i find my innocence is over'

Now he has choosen to play his own part
Inner voices...fill his heart!

But all of his choices seem to go too far
You need to embrace what you are.

(Alone he says)

'As I wish upon a star
How i wonder where you are...'"
Track Name: Ultravioleta

"Acordo, concordo...sorrio.
Difuso, vive em demasia.
Café sonâmbulo, noite em dia,
pede algo mais.

Discordo mas sigo o caminho,
nas ruas gente fugidia,
sorrio da pura entropia
entre os demais.

Além do olhar,
há luz e sombra,
No outro lado do momento, ascendo
...a pensamento.

Espreguiço-me do Mundo num bocejo gracioso.
Contemplo-o num processo penoso
No chão vejo asas de uma borboleta
e nela a minha cor...ultravioleta

Além do olhar,
há luz e sombra,
No outro lado do momento, ascendo
...a pensamento.

Ao querer tentar me conhecer...até adormecer."

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