Do Outro Lado do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks)




:PAPERCUTZ produce dreamy, ethereal, cinematic works and ideal for deconstructing and remixing. 'Do outro lado do espelho (Lylac ambient reworks)' illustrates how material can further blossom by the hand of some very talented artists. Do outro lado do espelho translates as "From the other side of the looking glass". It has been an ambitious project indeed. :papercutz, Helios, Emanuele Errante, Simon Scott, Taylor Deupree, He Can Jog, Rameses III, Autistici, Chris Bissonnette, The Astroboy, Jasper TX & Feu Follet all provide remarkable reworkings.


"It's wonderful to see Bruno Miguel's :papercutz project receive newfound exposure through the Audiobulb imprint and to see his electro-acoustic pop re-interpreted by an impressive cast of kindred spirits, with Helios, Simon Scott, Taylor Deupree, Jasper TX, and Ramses III a sampling of the high-calibre names involved. A set of ambient-styled reworks of the last :papercutz album Lylac, the hour-long collection's title, Do outro lado do espelho, translates from the Portugese as “on the other side of the looking glass.” Enough remains of Lylac's sound for the listener new to Miguel's world to derive some sense of his :papercutz style. The vocals, marimbas, pianos, and electronics heard in his originals aren't removed but instead added to and re-shaped by the contributors—each one looking upon an original from the other side of his/her own respective glass." Textura

"This album is extremely consistent all the way through, and actually sits comfortably next to Lylac by complementing it rather well. Indeed, while each artist interprets a given song in their own way, bringing their own universe into that of :Papercutz, they all do so very respectfully of the original work by retaining much of the layered aspect of songs. These are however for the most part radical reworkings, which see soundscapes developed into lush new ambient forms or retract into spacious drones, while the voice is in turn wrapped in textures and treated as just another sound source, or isolated as primary organic element to increase its impact. Remix projects can be difficult to carry through without impacting in one way or another on the original versions, especially when an entire album is concerned. In the case of :Papercutz, the great respect with which each of the contributors treat Bruno Miguel Pereira Pinto’s delicate arrangements and Melissa Veras’s soft interpretation ensures that both original and remixed versions can exist side by side, complement each other which retaining their own identity." 4.5/5 The Milk Factory

"From knowing nothing about this band or its driving force Pinto, I’m converted instantly by what I’ve heard in this stunning collection and want to hear more from :papercutz. A perfect album for long summer days, you’ll have to go a long way to hear a better collection of songs from Europe this year. A simply lovely album, I urge you to ignore the ambient tag and allow yourself to immerse yourself in this sumptuous collection.". 8/10 Ark Magazine

"Lovely set of shoegazy ambient remixes of Portuguese composer :Papercutz from Helios, Simon Scott, Taylor Deupree, Rameses III, Autistici, Jasper TX and more. The source material comes from his 'Lylac' album, a set of cinematically lush orchestrations neatly blending acoustic and electronic instrumentation with popwise vocals, ripe for the revision session. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the show is Taylor Deupree's magical reweave of the title track, taking the focus away from the vocal to foreground the strings amidst beautifully dispersed electro-acoustic detailing. Chris Bissonette also impresses with the icily distant percussion of his 'Caught In A Halo' rework almost touching on Thomas Köner territory, and the majestic Jasper TX mix of 'Broken Treasure' is greatly worthy of your time." Boomkat

":Papercutz’s movement to Audiobulb allows for a wider audience for this Portuguese artist work as indeed the remix project solidifies as it makes connections within the contemporary experimental ambient network. The album heightens the dreamlike nature of the originals, purposefully constructed iconic mythos, deliberately utilising contemporary techniques and technology, along with the musical artists adept at their manipulation. It is a reflected abstraction that will hold your ear transfixed long after the mirror makers acts." Cyclic Defrost

"Better heard in its entirety, Do Outro Lado Do Espelho is perfect for hazy/lazy summer afternoons, where intentions stretch little further than falling into a state of atmospherically induced comatose." Barcode mag

"On a significantly lower profile but no less fascinating tip, Portuguese ambient pop musician :Papercutz has commissioned a remix album of his work which reads like a who’s who of contemporary drone. Remix records are often by their very nature, frustratingly inconsistent, but thankfully Do Outro Lado Do Espello represents a notably coherent and engaging exception. More specifically, Jasper TX’s contribution provides a masterclass in submerged, yet emotionally arresting, washes of sound, while the quite heart-breaking Simon Scott offering is amongst the finest pieces of music I’ve heard this year; don’t let this one pass below your radar." Drowned In Sound


released May 1, 2010

Ⓟ :PAPERCUTZ under license to Audiobulb Records

Published by Rossio Music


all rights reserved




"The music of producer/songwriter Bruno Miguel mixes the electronic and the organic in a way that’s intimate and intricate." MTV

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